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Three friends decided to form their own hunting club in the spring of 2004, so on May 6th, the Five Notch Sportsman's Club was born.


After several years of disappointment in a former "quality deer managed club", they set out to do what had only been dreamed about before...form a club with a deer management philosophy they believed was necessary to achieve the goals the three had in common. So where did they begin? How did three people with a vision of a well-managed and healthy deer herd take on such an endeavor?


The results became the Five Notch Sportsman's Club - a family oriented club where the ultimate deer hunting experience can be realized. Five Notch Sportsman's Club is dedicated to providing the best experience for the serious whitetail deer hunter in South Carolina. We do not measure success by the number of deer harvested but by the quality of the hunting experience and opportunity to take a trophy buck.


The dedication and education of the board members guarantees Five Notch is one of the Southeast's premier hunting clubs.


We are located approximately 12 miles south of Greenwood, SC near Sumter National Forest.

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