We take our memberships seriously at Five Notch Sportsman's Club.


Five Notch is selective in whom we allow to join. We want members who respect the wildlife, property, and especially each other. We believe hunters go through phases in their hunting careers. We are looking for the hunter who has been through the phases that involved harvesting many deer and shooting anything with antlers. The hunter who has matured into holding out for the deer they want on the wall is what we are looking for.


Below you will find a recent copy of the Five Notch Sportsman's Club Rules and Regulations. Please read through its entirety to decide if Five Notch Sportsman's Club is a good fit for you.






In addtion to these, Five Notch Sportsman's Club practices, follows and enforces all state and federal game laws. Below you will find a copy of South Carolina Department of Natural Resource's Rules and Regulations for whitetail deer hunting.

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2015 Annual Shed Hunt

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