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Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Five Notch Sportsman's Club.


Q: How many members do you allow?


A: Five Notch set's the limit of memberships at 13.  This includes the Officers of the club.


Q: Does my membership include my wife and/or kids?


A: Yes, memberships include your spouse and kids at home under the age of 18.  We only ask that you are considerate of other members and occupy no more than three stands at a time.


Q: Am I allowed to bring guest to hunt?


A: Guests are welcome at a fee during the specified dates in our Rules and Regulations.


Q: I live out of town and will be traveling down for the weekend.  Am I guaranteed a bed in the clubhouse when I visit?


A: Our clubhouse has 4 bedrooms and could potentially sleep twelve people.  While we've rarely ever seen full participation on a given weekend, we ask that members are conscious of the limited space when hosting family members and guests.


Q: Why are ATV's and vehicles not allowed on the property during hunting season?


A: Our deer management philosophy emphasizes low impact.  Only electric vehicles and foot traffic ensures limited noise and avoids unnatural exhaust orders.  However, we do make an exception for the recovery of deer.


Q: Is your acreage broken into several parcels of land or is it continuous?


A: The ~1800 acres are continuous with only a few paved roads intersecting the property.  There are several access gates making travel to and from stands possible regardless of wind direction.


Q: Why do you require harvested bucks to be mounted?


A: It's taken a lot of time, management and money to develop Five Notch Sportsman's Club into the club it is today.  We've groomed a healthy deer herd that gives every member the potential to harvest a true trophy buck.  Five Notch seeks members that wish to respect and memorialize their harvest by either shoulder mounting or European mounting their deer.  This also makes us think twice before choosing to harvest just any club legal buck.  Laslty, if members don't have the room at home we are happy to hang mounts in the clubhouse along with the other mounts on display.  Bottom line, it's not a rule that works for every club, but not all clubs are for everyone.


Q: How many does am I allowed to harvest?


A: As many as legally permitted by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources for the given season.  In order to keep our buck-to-doe ratio as close to 1:1 as possible, we encourage doe harvests.  We base our doe harvest requirements on our observation records, trail camera surveys, past harvest records and deer density per square mile.


Q: Are there stands/areas restricted for certain members?


A: No. There are no reserved stands or areas.  Stand usage is based on a first-come, first-served basis.  Pin in must be done prior to the morning/afternoon hunt and pins cannot be left in overnight.


Q: If I shoot a buck, severely wound it and cannot recover it, does it count as one of my bucks for the season?


A: It will be at the discretion of the Officers of the club to determine whether that quality buck should count or not.  We say this because, as any hunter knows, it is very difficult to determine if the shot was in fact lethal or not.  Was the buck standing, walking, running?  Was he 350 yards away, 50 yards away?  How experienced is the hunter?  Was the deer tracked effectively?  These factors will all play a role in that decision.  The bottom line, make sure you know your limitations and hunt accordingly.

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