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Defined as an object that is given as a prize for winning a competition... something that you keep or take to show that you were successful in hunting, war, etc.


Just as in the Merriam-Webster definition above, trophies at Five Notch can take on several different meanings based on the eye of the beholder.


We strive for a common goal to take mature, quality whitetail bucks.  Our management program specifically calls for mature bucks with a minimum inside spread of 14 inches and/or outside the ears. We require our hunters to pass on deer that do not meet this standard. Club history has demonstrated that the "let 'em live, let 'em grow" concept has allowed several members to improve their own personal best. However, any member who has never harvested a buck may take one regardless of points or spread, as long as the buck is mounted.


Below you will find a few trophies taken in past seasons.  Click on the image to enlarge.

       2023 Season
       2022 Season
       2021 Season
       2020 Season
       2019 Season
       2018 Season

2017 Season

2016 Season

2015 Season

2014 Season

2013 Season

2012 Season

2011 Season

2010 and Earlier

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