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Food Plots, Stands & Clubhouse

Five Notch Sportsman's Club has over 30 high protein food plots throughout its ~1800 acres.


We offer year-round forage for the deer, enabling us to produce quality whitetails. Our method is simple, Five Notch's prime whitetail deer habitat is managed the QDMA way. Our management plan includes establishing high protein enriched food plots, reducing the buck-to-doe ratio, and enforcing strict guidlines in the harvest of bucks.


There are over 40 existing tree stands, ground blinds, tripods and tower stands at Five Notch, all of which have produced some of the best harvested deer in club history. Each member has access to these or may use his own climbing stand.


Before and after our hunts, members enjoys the clubhouse which is centrally located on the property. It serves as a home away from home during whitetail season. It also provides a nice place for members and guests to enjoy during the off season. The kitchen has all the essential amenities and the house can sleep up to 12 hunters.

Member also have usage of our 100 yd. range located directly accross from the clubhouse that accomodates both right and left hand shooters.

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